How to Stake Cardano ($ADA)

How to Cardano Staking

  1. Buy ADA
  2. Set up ADA wallet
    ccvault(Chrome extention)
  3. Move to ADA
    Transfer ADA from each exchange to the wallet
  4. Set up ADA Staking
    It is in Japanese, but you can operate it by looking at the contents.
    [youtube id=’ALqS5zcKY5o’ width=’100%’ height=’350px’ rel=’1′]
  5. Set delegation to “X-StakePool”
    Pool ticker name is [XSP] or [XSP2]

Features of Cardano Staking

  • No lock period
  • Fund transfers at any time
  • Your ADA is still in your wallet during staking.
  • Staking Rewards is around 4.5% per annum
  • Staking available from 10ADA

Staking Online Support